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​Walnuts & Chocolate just like Grandma's ( But Better)
Most popular fudge for 60 years 
When in doubt..this is it !
Oreos ! Oreos ! Oreos ! 
Vanilla with '' double stuffs ''
World Famous Caramel weaved through a pile of fresh pecans
Marshmallows everywhere! 
Kids Favorite
Jiff peanut butter blended throughout.....plus 
Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Pecan

Chocolate Mint

Maple Walnut

Chocolate Marshmallow
Plain Chocolate

Turtle Fudge

Chocolate Pecan

Chocolate Walnut

Plain Vanilla

Vanilla Pecan

Plain Maple


Peanut Butter

Choc Peanut Butter

Heath Crunch

Rocky Road


Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate Caramel

Oreo Fudge

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